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Public and Private CloudTV.

Mware Symphony more Mware more Power more TV

The 4 building blocks together create one superb TV Platform
No limits, highly scalable, super fast, very flexible and up and running in 2 days

1. Broadcast
We make all your content
suitable for IPTV use
2. Delivery
Global Delivery of
your content LiveTV & VoD
3. Management
Middleware solution
4. Audience
Highly interactive
user interfaces

1. Transcoding

we make all your content
perfect for iptv / ott use

HLS, DASH, MP4, Widevine, Fairplay, 24/7/365

Content is the key element of any successful OTT IPTV service. We offer the best trancoders and encoders available on the market today.

Offered as Cloud service or on Premise they are tightly integrated with our TV Platform and are therefore a must have part of any total end-to-end OTT or IPTV solution.

Broadcast key features:
  • Can handle any source from DVB-T,S,C or IP
  • Seamless integration with any CDN
  • Easy to use web interface
  • InteractiveTV (CatchupTV, ReplayTV, NPVR)
  • Controlled via MwareIPTV Symphony

2. Delivery


we beat rocket speed.

We offer both Public or Private CDN network solutions and they are designed for the TV Platform of today and tomorrow – a web brimming with rich media, with millions of users who demand a high quality, instant-on experience.

Legacy approaches simply wouldn’t do.

We identified strategic global locations near primary Internet Exchange Points and built Supercharged points of presence we call SuperPoPs..

These SuperPoPs have massive amounts of computing and caching power and are directly connected to all the major backbone networks.

True Multi Device
Works on Android, IOS, FireTV, AndroidTV, WebOS, Tizen
The best Protection
Widevine, Fairplay, Verimatrix
and Hybrid Token Authenication
Have it your way
Public CDN via Akamai
or Private CDN in your datacenter
Cloud Storage
Easy storage of your VoD
and CatchupTV content

A blazing-fast Content Delivery Network

Purpose built for the rich-media, large files, broadband web of today – and tomorrow. Your content is just
milliseconds away from almost every broadband user in the world!

3. Management

a 2-year old could
Setup your TV Platform.

Get the most comprehensive IPTV OTT TV Platform on the market today.
Its Plublic or Private CloudTV architecture makes it possible to adapt to your business requirements.
easy does it:
  • Multitenant CMS, CRM TV Platform
  • Connect to your Backend Services
  • Flexible TV Platform
  • Up and Running in less than 2 days
Set up and manage multi tenant TV Services from one central web-based TV Platform!

Simply the best IPTV Middleware there is:

Better than all the rest. Better than anyone, anyone we've ever met.

  • Billing system
  • Job Automation
  • Customer Portal
  • Mware IQ Analytics
  • CloudTV Based
  • Cost Effective
  • Subscriber Management
  • Multi Device Solution
  • API Connector

4. Audience


it’s the only thing that matters.
Our User Interface collection & Apps offer a seamless experience across various devices. Each user interface is fully featured to extend to the device capabilities.
Very low Footprint
based upon HTML5 W3C
standards such.
Supported Set-Top Boxes
We support Android, Linux
from various brands
we deliver as we promise:
  • Always works. 100% guaranteed!
  • Superfast channel zapping
  • Near HD quality
  • 24/7 CatchupTV service

5. Simple the best there is

so, that’s why!

to sum it all up.
  • Multi Device
  • CloudTV Based
  • Globally Deployed
  • End-2-End Solution
  • Fast time to Market
  • Reliable and Fast
  • Unlimited Scalable
  • Cost Effective
Ease of Use
Each transcoder has an easy to use web interface where you can setup and manage your channels remotely as well as an extensive logging system for debugging purposes and system health monitors. » More about Transcoding
Catchup TV
Our partners have made the extra effort of integrating their IPTV transcoders with our services. A good example is CatchupTV, which is offered as a 7-Day service and stored on the CDN.
Any Device
Stream live or on-demand to virtually any computing device, including mobile devices, such as Set-top Boxes, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart TV, Google TV, Roku and Game Consoles.
Best Security
Be as strict – or permissive – as your needs require. Decide who can see your content based on location, time, credentials, or payment.
Have it your way
Simplify your content management: deliver media any way (and every way) that works best for you and your customers.
Server-side Archiving
Record live events while they are being streamed, then effortlessly deliver them on-demand at a later date.
Multi Device Solution
Create channels packages for different devices such as: Set-top Box, Tablets, WebTV, Google TV, Roku and Game Consoles.
Product Management
Products are the subscriptions you sell to your customers. Each Product consists of one or more packages (Channels, Apps, Services) and can be attached to one or more Resellers. For each Product you can set billing options such as recurring tiers and prepaid tiers.
Very low footprint
Take your device to the next level by offering your customers cool HTML5 based Apps. Apps like Vimeo Couch mode, TuneIn for TV and many more. Or be creative, build your own HTML5 Apps and publish them.
supported set-top boxes
The devices we currently support are Set-top boxes (Telergy, DuneHD, Mag250 and many more), iPad, iPhone, Android, GoogleTV and WebTV. Our goal is to keep adding ways of delivering your content to your audience. Each user interface is fully featured to extend to the device capabilities.