Today’s market for the delivery of video and other content to customers around the globe has generated a hot OTT IPTV debate. While managed network IPTV delivery is enjoying healthy growth rates, the network-independent OTT mode of delivery is also seeing significant success with players like Netflix and Amazon. As a modern supplier of end-to-end software, Mware offer solutions to both OTT and IPTV providers.

Both OTT and IPTV promise to deliver video and other content to end users, and both use the internet Protocol to do so. The main difference is that OTT does not involve a provider or system operator in the control and distribution of the content, while IPTV uses a managed subscriber network and allows for better quality control and high-speed delivery. Mware prefers to emphasize the potential of and cater to the needs of both.

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OTT, IPTV and Hybrid TV – the future of TV Delivery

Many players in the Telco industry worry about the development of OTT, because it threatens their position. The Telco TV market is only about 10% ot the total payTV market. The OTT payTV market is growing fast and holds opportunities for smaller players who don’t need to invest heavily in the network. One of the options open to Telcos is embracing a hybrid TV model. Hybrid TV is perhaps the solution of the future, since it allows consumers to access TV, video and other content from multiple sources and providers across multiple platforms.

Mware strives to stay ahead of developments in the market and produces end-to-end solutions that work with each model, whether Over-the-top, IPTV or a combination of both. The modular architecture of our middleware system can adapt to your specific business requirements and deliver video and other content to both managed IPTV STB’s and unmanaged OTT devices such as pure IP or hybrid STB’s, internet TV’s, tablets, smartphones and PC’s. Whether you are a broadcaster, telco or cable operator, Mware’s solutions enable you to capitalize on the increasing appetite for content.