Our CDN partner has designed its network for the IPTV of today and tomorrow – a web brimming with rich media, with millions of users who demand a high quality, instant-on experience. Legacy approaches simply wouldn’t do.

Legacy CDN’s took the approach of building thousands of locations populated with very small servers, an approach that made sense when most users surfed small HTML files over a dial-up connection. But the broadband, high fidelity, participatory web has changed all that. Both the supply of live content and the demand for it have exploded.

So we chose a new approach. We identified a smaller number of strategic global locations near primary Internet Exchange Points and built supercharged points of presence we call SuperPoPs. These SuperPoPs have massive amounts of computing and caching power and are directly connected to all the major backbone networks.

The result is a blazing-fast IPTV content delivery network that is purpose-built for the rich-media, large file, broadband web of today – and tomorrow. And that means your content is just milliseconds away from almost every broadband user in the world.

Handle spikes

Support massive, unexpected audiences.


Look your best

Deliver the highest quality experience.


Have it your Way

Simplify your CDN as your needs requires.


Best Security

Be as strict or permissive as your needs require.


Handle spikes

Support massive, unexpected audiences with no hardware or software costs – and no worries about whether your host can handle it or not.

Look your best

Deliver the highest quality experience that each end user’s connection will allow, ensuring they see it just the way you intended.

Have it your way

Simplify your content management: deliver media any way (and every way) that works best for you and your customers.

Get closer

Originate live streams from cities around the world, always serving media from the ideal location for each viewer. Check it out now!

Unlimited Scalability

Stream large numbers of simultaneously distributed live events between many locations. Handle spikes without worrying if your host can handle it.

Brilliant Analytics

Our Analytics Suite gives you total visibility into the who, what and where of your audience. And since with live events there’s no time to wait, our real-time statistics let you see what happens every moment – and you can take instant action.

Any Device

Stream live or on-demand to virtually any computing device, including mobile devices, such as Set-top Boxes, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart TV, Google TV, Roku and Game Consoles.

Best Security

Be as strict – or permissive – as your needs require. Decide who can see your content based on location, time, credentials, or payment.Check it out now!

Server-side Archiving

Record live events while they are being streamed, then effortlessly deliver them on-demand at a later date.

Intelligent routing

Our global load balancing and intelligent dynamic routing ensures every user is served from the location that is ideal for them.