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What is Content Delivery Network for Live TV streaming

Content Delivery Network

Well there is no surprise that television is rapidly moving to the internet and demands of the audiences. OTT/IPTV Middleware allows the customized content for users as much as possible about following the running live TV streaming services.

What’s Content delivery network?

Content delivery is used in streaming devices with the help of internet to end users. It is used to provide your content to the widest audience from all over the world with the highest efficiency at the same time so that nobody can wait while your video service slowly crawls. The network that enables and helps in maintaining a high quality of streams, over a massive distance to every remote user, is called as Content Delivery Network (CDN)

What’s the Middleware service for CDN?

IPTV and OTT solutions by Middleware is an excellent service for CDN that is responsible for easily creating and running live TV streaming services. Content can be distributed in real-time to anywhere in the world. Most important you can even install your own world-wide Content Delivery Network (CDN) within hours.

Features of CDN for OTT/IPTV Middleware:

  1. Middleware’s OTT/ IPTV solutions OF CDN are stream-lined and cost-effective.
  2. CDN is merely on TV and there is high demand on video distribution services.
  3. Media delivery network is present because of CDN.
  4. Use of pseudo streaming is responsible for the content to the widest audience from all over the world.
  5. Highest efficiency of the streaming at the same time.
  6. CDN servers provide IPTV, VOD and other media content
    t to perform stable signal.
  7. CDN doesn’t annoy with loading and it has amazing web interface.
  8. CDN has more than 25 data centers for on-line TV.
  9. CDN provides the highest quality connection
  10. CDN supports the vast majority of media formats.
  11. With CDN, you can easily manage your video.
  12. Video which is a very fast and easy process.
  13. PolyCaster is used as turn- key streaming server that is sued for 19-inch rack mountable appliance.
  14. PolyCaster is used for major streaming that enables you to distribute live streams to a broad range of devices, including PC browser, tablets, mobile phones and set-top boxes

Content Delivery Network Features


What are the elements used for the CDN proceed ?

  1. Middleware offers an accurate and complete set of OTT and IPTV solutions that include DVB gateways, encoders/transcoders, protocols and pseudo streaming servers. TVCaster is also used for cutting-edge functionality.
  2. Initially TVCaster offers all the cutting-edge functionality that comes from an integrated DVB receiver, descrambler, IP streaming server and remultiplexer. There are TVCaster server that are also available for DVB’s gateways.
  3. Mainly the CodecCaster supports the IPTV streams in formats like MPEG-2 or AVC/H.264. It offers a high-performance real-time transcoding solution for IPTV streams. CodecCaster is solely responsible for supporting adaptive streaming, multiple devices and screens. The HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and other protocols are used here.
  4. BY the way the RelayCaster servers are used together with RelayCaster Streaming Protocol(RSCP) for IPTV streams.
  5. CodecCaster and RelayCaster are also available as software-only packages for easy installation on existing servers hosted in data centers.

Some useful Insights of OTT/IPTV Middleware for CDN:

  1. Use of SSD servers by Middleware.
  2. Middleware supports the Token Authentication
  3. Wide Data Centers Network is supported by Middleware.
  4. Middleware supports Hotlink Protection.
  5. Multi-bitrate Streaming is supported by Middleware.
  6. Middleware supports RTMP streaming & HLS streaming
  7. Middleware supports security and protection features.
  8. Middleware Supports the HTTP pseudo streaming.
  9. Middleware supports CDN that serves a large fraction of the Internet content including web objects (text, graphics and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks.
  10. With the help of Middleware you can access LiveTV streams and VoD content across the globe.
  11. Middleware takes inputs from sources and proceeds with Mware Transcoding and Mware Cloud TV that supports many devices.

There is no doubt that Content Delivery Network fits into our total end-2-end solution. If you have any queries or want to know more about it or want to test some streams of your own then please contact our sales team and our experts will give you optimal solutions and that too without any delays.

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