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What Makes OTT Revolutionized?

The term OTT is widely used in today’s era which stands for over-the-top which is a service that a user uses over the network of your service provider. It is used in broadcasting and refers to audio, video, and other media transmitted via the internet.

What does Over-the-Top Application (OTT ) mean?

An over-the-top (OTT) application is any app or service that is used for broadcasting and technology as it provides a product over the top and it related to communication, media. It is a famous kind of app and is lower in cost than the traditional method of entertainment delivery.

Given below are some of the instances that make OTT interesting:

  1. YouTube, Hulu, Netflix or Apple TV for streaming video as it replaces your regular service providers.
  2. Skype or Facetime for voice/video calls as they are referred to as the OTT service.
  3. WhatsApp or iMessage for messages on a mobile device as when your smartphone has the 2G data plan with a mobile operator and enables you to make GSM calls and SMS service.
  4. Xbox 360 or World of Warcraft for gaming.

What is OTT’s effect in Internet TV?

OTT has an impeccable effect in the proliferation of Internet TV, also called as IPTV, which supports the online streaming of videos and television content over the internet.

What is an OTT platform?

In broadcasting, the platform for over-the-top content (OTT) is the audio, video, and other media content delivered over the Internet.

Why network carriers are not happy with OTT?

OTT is causing harm to the network service providers as it is removing the traditional mode of entertainment, or traditional concepts of programming have radically changed because of users’ interest towards watching a program or engaging with content via internet. Basically it allows communicators to save a lot of money on both local and international calls, and on text messages.

In general the caller does not pay for the dedicated phone line as is the case with traditional telephony. Besides, this is what makes VoIP as a free alternative to expensive phone calls which is a much cheaper.

What is OTT Middleware Solution?

Our next-generation OTT Middleware Solution has set the benchmark by setting up your OTT service because the platform resides in the Mware Cloud TV as it lets you manage your content and gives you detailed information on your service as it offers an end-2-end workflow to manage your service entirely in a web browser from any device in the world.

Features of OTT Middleware Solution:

  1. The OTT Middleware Solution deals on how the other elements such as Transcoding, Protection, Content Delivery and User Interface fit into to the total package.
  2. Middleware Solution is available for Operators who are ready to scale up to a Telco grade platform at the fraction of the price.
  3. Middleware Solution is available for Enterprises that supports the Broadcasters, Telco’s, System Integrators, NVNE’s, Startups that want to roll out big, Along with that it supports the Multi Service Operators or Operators who already have a larger customer base on another Middleware Solution and are ready to scale up to a telco grade platform at the fraction of the price. It merely supports and offers end-2-end workflow.

Examples of User interfaces and Apps:

  1. Akua User Interface
  2. Honua user base
  3. Hiaka User Interface

The generation of smart phones has made a benchmark as it revolutionized OTT services, like voice and video services over wireless networks. Whosoever is using the OTT services can make free calls, send text messages and stream videos – in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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