The OTT IPTV System diagram gives you an easy to understand workflow and shows how all the elements of the end-2-end solution interact with each other.

As you can see in the OTT IPTV System diagram the sources media get Transcoded to HLS or DASH encrypted when needed and sent to our Content Delivery Network where the content can be protected via our CDN Token Authentication Method.

From this point the URL that are generated at the Content Delivery Network (CDN) can be used in the OTT IPTV Middleware. Once added to the OTT IPTV Middleware you add all the needed metadata such as icons, name tv guide data and more. Now you are ready to packetise the Channels, Movies, Series and combine those packages into one or more products. The products will define which User Interface is used and for which devices access is granted to the customers.

As you can see in the OTT IPTV System diagram we support all the popular devices such as:

  • Wide array of set-top boxes
  • IOS iPad & iPhone
  • Android Tablet & Phone
  • Win10 Tablet & Phone
  • Browser PC & Mac
  • Roku & AppleTV
  • Future devices….

We are more than happy to integrate with the device of your choice if its not listed in the above list. Please click here to contact our sales team for more information.

The Middleware Platform comes in two flavours Mware CloudTV for Operators and Mware CloudTV for Enterprises both offer their unique features to accommodate the desired service roll-out.

OTT IPTV Platform diagram