Mware CloudTV for Enterprises

Mware CloudTV for Enterprises is the ideal solution for Operators, Telco’s, System Integrators, NVNE’s, Startups that want to roll out big, Multi Service Operators or Operators who already have a larger customer base on another Middleware Solution and are ready to scale up to a telco grade platform at the fraction of the price.

The biggest thing about Mware CloudTV for Enterprises is that it offers a Multi-Tenant setup which means you can setup unlimited number of CMS’s and CRM services and combined with access to our complete collection of User Interface design templates giving your business the edge you are looking for to beat your competition.

Next to that this solution comes in two flavours as a Multi Device service or as a Set-top box service and both services can be used for both OTT as well as IPTV.

Also you get access to our Module Development System which gives you the ability to develop widgets that can be used in your User Interface designs. You can think of Hotel systems like Call an Uber, make Dinner Reservations or a Check Out system, the sky is the limit. Ask our sales team about the possibilities for your project.

Mware Solutions OTT IPTV CloudTV Middleware
OTT IPTV Content Management

Content Management System

Mware CloudTV Middleware Platform allows you to manage your content in an easy and fluent way whether you are adding a TV channel or setting up a Movie Package it all can be done in a similar easy to learn fashion.

The Content Management System consists of the following elements:

  • LiveTV, Radio, TV Guide
  • Movie Packages, Movies
  • Series, Seasons, Episodes
  • Music, Albums, Songs
  • Apps for private Marketplace
  • Youtube Playlists
  • Ad Management

Adding, updating and deleting content is automatically synchronized with our CloudTV platform so your customer don’t have to wait for changes.

OTT / IPTV Subscriber System

CRM Customer Subscriber System

With the Mware CloudTV Middleware Platform you can manage your Customers, Products and Webshops via an intuitive management console. Next to that it offers you to manage Stock inventory handle your business with your Resellers and Dealers. Due to Mware CloudTV your Customer base can grow indefinitely there are no more limits nor do we need to install extra hardware as it scales automatically to the desired geo footprint as well as size.

The CRM Customer Subscriber System consists of the following elements:

  • Customer Management, Ticket, Order FulFillments
  • Devices, Stock Inventory
  • Appoint Resellers and handle your Dealers
  • Product Management
  • Ad Placement
  • Integrate your Webshop for easy sales

As with the Content Management System all actions are automatically synchronized with our CloudTV platform so changes are immediate.

OTT IPTV Reporting System

Mware IQ Analytics

Mware IQ Analytics is the central hub for user generated information and it offers you a great insight in whats hot and whats not in your service but is also offers detailed information about your Resellers, Dealers and Ad Campaigns. As all information is stored with detailed GEO targets all reports offered in Mware IQ Analytics can be zoomed in even to City level.

Mware IQ Analytics gives insight on the following topics:

  • Content: Channels, Movies, Series, Music, Apps
  • Ad Campaigns: Pre-roll, Banners, Tickers
  • Financial: Resellers, Dealers
  • Subscriptions: Customer, Devices, Products
  • Content Distribution  Network
  • Usage: Geo Locations, Device Types

Served from Mware CloudTV browsing the reports is super fast and always spot on.

OTT IPTV User Interface Design

UI Toolkit User Interface Designer

Mware Solutions is proud to be the first and only middleware solutions provider in the world to offer you a full set of tools to create your own unique user interfaces. You start by selecting one of our sleek and fresh template designs and after that you can set font types, background, logo and even change colors to really finish off your user interface. But don’t worry you don’t have to hire an expensive UX developer (we did that already….) as everything is done via easy to use wizards. Do you want to know more about our stunning User Interfaces, click here to learn more

UI Toolkit gives you access to the following tools:

  • Templates: choose from an array of unique designs
  • Wizards: style your user interface to meet your brand requirements
  • App Publisher: let our team publish the apps to app-stores
  • Hostname Manager: use your own CNAME subdomain

Create a stunning User Interfaces that can compete easily with all your competition without even breaking a sweat.


API Business Connector

CloudTV API Connector

The CloudTV API Connector enables you to connect your already existing infrastructure backend system like Billing providers, CRM systems or your existing Webshop to Mware CloudTV.

API Connector currently offers these methods:

  • Customer CRUD (Create, Update, Delete)
  • Subscription (Add, Renew and Cancel for Customers)
  • Information (Products, Customers, Regions)

If you have special API requests that you want to add to our API Connector we are happy to help you please contact our sales team the get more information.