About Mware Solutions

About Mware Solutions: We offers you true turn-key end-to-end OTT IPTV Middleware solutions based on a modular design. This means you can choose the building blocks to create and/or complement your OTT IPTV solution. We also offer custom development on all of our solutions. Our wide experience enables us to deliver state of the art solutions that meet our customer’s needs and often surpassing their expectations.

Mission Statement

To innovate and provide new solutions and to make the world’s content universally accessible with a view to Educate, Inform, Entertain, Connect and Empower citizens globally – ultimately improving their quality of life. The company’s financial aims are to maximize earnings and cash flow and to allocate capital profits towards intelligent growth initiatives that will deliver long-term shareholder value.

Our company values

Honesty and Integrity

Continuous innovation

Great customer relationships

 Give our customer a great deal

Treat people like we treat ourselves

Customer satisfaction