OTT IPTV Platform Overview

The OTT IPTV Platform overview diagram gives you an easy to understand workflow and shows how all the elements of the end-2-end solution interact with each other.

As you can see in the OTT IPTV Platform diagram it all starts with the Sources they can be supplied to the Transcoding in different types such as DVB-T(2) signal a DVB-S(2) signal or an IP Link such as a TS or an UDP stream.

Depending on your service being OTT or IPTV after the Transcoder receives the inputs it start to encode and transcode them into a format and size that a usable for streaming.

In this OTT IPTV Platform diagram we are going to setup an OTT service this means the streams are transcoded into HLS or DASH and the requested content Protection is added to it just before it gets ingested into the Content Delivery Network.

The Content Delivery Network is responsible to streaming the HLS and/or DASH to your end users who are watching the streams for example on their Mobile Phones.

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OTT IPTV Platform diagram