Transcoding Solution

A Transcoding Solution is where it all starts for Mware Solutions in offering a our end-2-end solutions. We only work fixed partners with whom we worked with for many year, this means we offer you market proven line of products in order to create a flawless services and  therefore you can expect a very short time to market.

Our LiveTV Transcoding Solution is a flexible hardware-based platform for premium linear content. The platform is capable of custom integrations to ingest satellite feeds from Satellite or IP feeds from anywhere in the world to encode and transcode it.

Our Transcoding Solution formats linear content to multi-screen formats such as HLS or DASH for smooth CDN (Content Delivery Network) ingest and it also is capable of creating CatchupTV and add Google Widevine or Verimatrix protection.

All our Transcoding solution is tightly integrated with our CloudTV Middleware Platform you can visit our OTT IPTV Platform page to learn on how the whole end-2-end solution interconnects with the Transcoding Solution.

Please contact us for a technical discussion and to get a real live demo.

OTT IPTV Platform diagram