Content Protection DRM

Content Protection is a necessity these days and pirates are always scanning the internet for unprotected streams. At Mware Solutions we take Protection very serious. Whether its securing the User Interfaces or OTT IPTV Middleware platform we protect your assets like our own. For streaming we make no exception and to do so we have a couple of methods that help you secure your content.

The choice for Content Protection lays mostly with the license holders of the content and is normally drafted up on the license distribution agreement.These content owners give you a choice between Verimatrix and Google Widevine and although they do the same the price point is way different. So if a choice is given to you always go for Google Widevine.

When non of the above are mandatory our free of charge CDN Token Authentication method will do the trick to as it block access to the content if you do not have a valid user account on the OTT IPTV Middleware platform. Its base on your IP Address in combination with a timestamp and a rotating key making is triple secure. On top of that we created a CDN Intrusion Detection System to identify hack attempt and automatically block their IP addresses or User Agents.

The cost for Verimatrix and Google Widevine lay in the fact you need a key server for Google Widevine this can be done via but for Verimatrix a special server needs to be installed in your datacenter making it non Cloud based and more expensive due to the license model of Verimatrix. The upside for Verimatrix is that all content owner will accept it as a good content Protection next to Google Widevine who are gaining more ground each day.

For more information about which Content Protection is suitable for your service or project please contact our sales team.

OTT IPTV Platform diagram