Set top box Device Integrations

Device Integrations are very crucial to the ongoing success of Mware Solutions. Mware strives for close collaboration with as many Set-top box partners as possible. Crucial to a successful roll out is the tight integration of the OTT IPTV Middleware and the Set-top box . We provide full integration with the best Set-top box es available on the market today.

We also offer custom integration on other brands of Set-top box es, ask our sales agent about the possibilities.


Telergy HD is an IPTV Set Top Box solution provider that was founded in 2006 by several seasoned managers from the IPTV, Semi Conductor and Internet industry with many years of experience. Since its initial start, Telergy HD has grown from strength to strength with a mind to be the STB Company that you can trust to work at the highest standards.

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Since its founding in 1994, ABOX has evolved and grown year after year at the pace of its own computer science. There are three main areas today on which our activity is based:

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Amino Communications is a global leader in innovative hybrid TV and cloud solutions that enable service providers to connect with consumers. As pioneers of IPTV and with over seven million devices sold worldwide, Amino has a proven track record for rock-solid reliability, innovation and best-in-class customer care.

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The world’s most popular mobile platform, built for business. Android platform security keeps your devices, data, and apps safe through app sandboxing, exploit mitigation and device encryption. Google Play Protect actively scans each device around the clock, and never stops learning, so you’ll always have the very latest in mobile security.

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The platform was first unveiled in June 2014, with its Nexus Player launch device unveiled that October. The platform has also been adopted as smart TV middleware by a number of display companies including Sony, Sharp and VU TVs.

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Dune HD is a world leader in hybrid media player products, combining IPTV/VoD support with broadcast reception and DMA (Digital Media Adapter) functionality. The wide model range allows content and service operators to choose the solution corresponding to their service offerings. Our carefully designed line of digital media players offers superior quality HD video and audio.

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Since 2007, Eagle Kingdom Technologies LTD (EKT) has specialised in creating innovative, customer focused solutions in the field of Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs, Modems and ODM designs for 3rd party innovators. Certified and integrated with many CA, DRM and licenses, EKT is a partner of choice for many tier 1 operators around the world

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In 2015, the Amazon Fire TV (2nd Generation) was released with improved processor speed and 4K UHD support. Amazon Fire TV is also available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and launched in India in 2016

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Since 2007, Infomir has been developing and manufacturing set-top boxes under the MAG brand. Our versatile solutions allow Internet service providers, cable operators and content aggregators to grow their businesses introducing up-to-date popular personalized TV services: IPTV, video on demand (VoD), OTT…

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iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android.

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Roku is the company that pioneered streaming for the TV. Roku devices are simple to set-up and easy-to-use. They come with a simple remote, and powerful features like Roku Search which makes it effortless to find what you want to watch. Roku devices give you access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes from top free and paid channels.

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Samsung Tizen

The Tizen Association was formed to guide the industry role of Tizen, including requirements gathering, identifying and facilitating service models, and overall industry marketing and education. Members of the Tizen Association represent major sectors of the mobility industry.

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SmartTV LG WebOS 3.0

WebOS, the former smartphone operating system that now lives on LG’s smart TVs, is about to be refreshed. LG is bringing webOS 3.0 to CES 2016 and onward to a majority of its TV lineup for the year. The software isn’t as much of a massive visual overhaul as past webOS refreshes. Rather, webOS 3.0 packs in features designed to try and modernize LG devices.

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Universal Windows Platform

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a platform-homogeneous application architecture created by Microsoft and first introduced in Windows 10. The purpose of this software platform is to help develop universal apps that run on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One and HoloLens without the need to be re-written for each. It supports Windows app development using C++, C#, VB.NET, and XAML.

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