Streaming Solutions

Streaming is a big part of our whole end-2-end solution, it is where is all starts at the ingestion of the the sources to be transcoded into HLS an DASH and where is all ends is at the consumer devices who expects a flawless LiveTV or VoD streaming.

To make sure your service is flawless all elements in the total OTT IPTV setup are equally important and should interact with each other in the best way possible. That why Mware Solutions is the only OTT IPTV Middleware company in the world where we offer a real end-2-end solution. This means we not just hand over a list of streaming suppliers who we work with, what we do is we sell you the whole working streaming solution, we implement, integrate and deliver it as a turn key service. This means for you that you are online in no-time as we have all building tools under our control.

In order to setup a good streaming solution it is important to have a stable and easy to scale Transcoding solution who can offer Protection and is linked with our Content Delivery Network.

You can find more information about the building block for streaming on each of the pages under this menu. If you want to talk to our sales team about your project then please contact us directly.

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