Mware strives for close collaboration with as many Set-top box vendors as possible. Crucial to a successful roll out is the tight integration of the IPTV Middleware and the Set-top box . We provide full integration with the best Set-top box es available on the market today.

We also offer custom integration on other brands of Set-top box es, ask our sales agent about the possibilities.

Telergy HD

Telergy HD is an IPTV Set Top Box solution provider that was founded in 2006 by several seasoned managers from the IPTV, Semi Conductor and Internet industry with many years of experience. Since its initial start, Telergy HD has grown from strength to strength with a mind to be the STB Company that you can trust to work at the highest standards.

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Dune HD

Dune HD is a world leader in hybrid media player products, combining IPTV/VoD support with broadcast reception and DMA (Digital Media Adapter) functionality. The wide model range allows content and service operators to choose the solution corresponding to their service offerings. Our carefully designed line of digital media players offers superior quality HD video and audio with support for IPTV, VoD, networked digital files and all possible interactive services.

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Since 2007, Infomir has been developing and manufacturing set-top boxes under the MAG brand. Our versatile solutions allow Internet service providers, cable operators and content aggregators to grow their businesses introducing up-to-date popular personalized TV services: IPTV, video on demand (VoD), OTT…

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