The Milu User Interface

For the Milu User Interface we took a complete new approach to designing a user interface. The Milu User Interface offers an easy to use menu navigation placed on the left of the screen where your services are nicely presented. And menu keeps visible while you surf through it, the only time is disappears is when you are watching content like TV a Movie or an Episode of your favourite Series and if your are using the Horizontal TV Guide to give it full access to the whole screen. Furthermore colour of the buttons and selected menu items as well as the background, logo and fonts can be changed to your liking. Next to that you decide which menu items to show and in which languages you want to present your service in. All this is done by easy to use Wizards from our OTT/IPTV Middleware Platform. So you really want to see this User Interface in action check out the video at the bottom of this page or request a real live demo through our sales team.

Our Mission is to change OTT/IPTV

Mware Solutions is proud to be the the only Middleware Solutions provider to offer a full line of unique User Interface designs, each one build from the ground up. So every one will have the characteristic features that your are used to from us like: LiveTV, TV Guide, Movies, Series, Music, Apps, Games and much more.

Each User Interfaces is designed with the consumer in mind in addition we teamed up with the worlds best UX designers to really break with the dull and non creative designs that you seeing a lot in other Middleware Providers. So we won’t stop with delivering new and fresh designs till we have a collection of about 50+ unique User Interfaces. And if you still can’t find a User Interface in our collection that you like we can create a custom User Interface just for you.

Next to that we offer a unified User Experience across all the popular devices so your customer can easily switch between devices and use it in the way they are used to.

And all of our User Interfaces are served from our Mware CloudTV platform which offers you a 100% online guarantee and makes using the User Interface super fast. And the most important is that the look and feel, products, content served and authentication are managed the OTT/IPTV Middleware Platform.

Watch TV the way you like it anytime, anywhere!



Let’s you Replay the current TV program from the start point.



You can Pause any TV program for a quick brake and resume when you want.



Via the TV Guide watch any TV program from up till 7 days back.



You can Record any TV program to watch it back later.

Features you can choose to build your User Interface


Your channel lineup from TV, Radio and Playlists.

TV Guide

Automatically imported EPG horizontal and vertical.


Setup a multistore transactional VoD service.


Build a Netflix like service for your customers.


Bring your music library to your customers.


Setup your marketplace on Android devices for apps.


Change setting like Language, Screensaver etc.

Your Menu

Add your own programmed services.

Supported Devices

Mware strives for close collaboration with as many Set-top box vendors as possible. Crucial to a successful roll out is the tight integration of the IPTV Middleware and the Set-top box . We provide full integration with the best Set-top box es available on the market today. Next to that our User Interfaces are running on a variety of device such as Tablets, Mobiles, Media Players, PC’s and Mac’s. If a device can play stream for LiveTV and VoD be sure we will support it.

OTT IPTV Set-top boxes

Set-top box

  • TelergyHD
  • MAG 250/254
  • DuneHD 102
  • Amino
  • ABox
  • Android
  • Linux
OTT IPTV Tablets


  •  Apple IOS
  • Android
  • Surface


  • Apple IOS
  • Android
  • Windows


  • Tizen
  • WebOS
OTT IPTV Browsers


  • Roku
  • GoogleTV
  • AppleTV
  • FireTV (soon)
  • PS4 (soon)
  • XBOX (soon)
  • Cast (soon)

Mac & PC

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Tech Partners

Tech Partners

Other User Interface & Apps:

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